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Angie Rumaldo has released her second book, which aims to help parents deal with many of their digital worries

Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey

Dr. Rumaldo, a certified clinical psychologist, presents her second book on Understanding your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2021 / — Angie Rumaldo, Ph.D., APN, BC-MHNP, grew up in Manhattan, New York. In New York and New Jersey, she is a certified clinical psychologist and Advanced Practice Nurse. Dr. Rumaldo has worked in the mental health sector for over fifteen years. In a number of contexts, she has worked with individuals, couples, and groups. Interpersonal Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are among the therapeutic areas in which she is educated. She is the proud mother of two beautiful and brilliant daughters who has given her a lot of personal experience. She also serves as the executive director of True Pursuit Psychological Services, PC, which has offices in both Manhattan and the Bronx. Dr. Rumaldo uses interpersonal, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches to provide a supportive, flexible, and integrative approach. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at a number of institutions, including Manhattan College and The College of New Rochelle.

Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behaviour helps youngsters solve common behavioral problems before they cause long-term harm through a series of action plans. You’ll learn red-flag behaviors early on and build a plan to solve them thanks to insights into typical difficulties at each stage of an adolescent’s growth and development. You’ll learn how to identify your parenting style and why your child breaches your rules in Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behaviour. – When to seek advice from teachers, physicians, and other health professionals – The influence of various surroundings, financial worries, and medical requirements on behavior. How to make the most of your school district’s resources and your child’s 504 plan and IEP – How a simple action plan may restart your family’s optimal wellbeing, and much more! All parents should read this essential manual. You’ll appreciate Dr. Angie Rumaldo’s ground-breaking resource if you prefer candid counsel from industry experts, thorough action plans, and easy-to-follow guidelines. Get a head start on your family’s future by purchasing Understanding Your Child’s and Teen’s Behaviour now!

About The Book: TECH-OLOGY A Digitally New Way to Raise Happy Kids

TECH-OLOGY A Digitally New Way to Raise Happy Kids deconstructs the digital era for parents, shedding light on the science, culture, and psychological consequences for your children.

Readers will gain “digital biculturalism,” as she calls it. Understanding your children’s culture, language (oral and written), values, and difficulties can help you communicate and raise them effectively. If you’re wondering if technology is helping or hurting your kid, this indispensable parenting book provides a caring, science-based road map to help you navigate this new society. Your children will get the benefits of technology while avoiding the drawbacks. Learn the positive and negative effects of social media, video gaming, and internet use for your children and teens. Being empowered with this new knowledge will not only allow you to parent effectively but will help you to improve your relationship with your child. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of social media, video gaming, and internet usage for your kids and teenagers. With this new information, you will not only be able to parent more successfully, but you will also be able to strengthen your relationship with your child.

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