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Anagha Bhosle becomes shri krishna devotee after leaving famous show Anupamaa

Television oi-Neelam Tripathi | Published: Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 8:01 am [IST]

Anagha Bhosle Video: There are many such stars in the world of acting, whom they leave thinking they are infatuated. There are many such actors and actresses who left their careers and chose spirituality and one such actress is Anagha Bhosle. Who once played an important role in the famous TV show ‘Anupama’. Anagha Bhosle is one such actress, who got recognition from ‘Anupama’. In this show, she used to play the role of Nandini, who used to be Samar’s girlfriend, but when Anagha decided to follow the path of spirituality, the makers of the show had to end the role of Nandini. At the age of just 23, Anagha said goodbye to the world of glamor and took the path of devotion. Anagha had said in an interview that she was engrossed in Krishna devotion for a long time but due to acting and her work schedule, she could not get time, but now she gives full time to her devotion. Anagha believes that no one is there when you are alone at night. It is only Krishna, who holds your hand once and does not leave it. Anagha said that she was offered another serial after Anupama but she had decided to give up all Mohmaya and dedicate herself to the path of Krishna. Describing her routine, Anagha said- ‘I wake up at 3.30 am and get ready for my religious activities which start at 4.30 am. The whole day is spent in singing hymns and chanting with his companions. I share my room with two other girls. Many youths are here to find peace and happiness. Stay updated with all the news of the film industry and get movie reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Anagha Bhosle become shri krishna devotee after leaving famous show Anupamaa Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 8:01 [IST]


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