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An Inspirational story of Shalini Agnihotri

As we come across a lot of places in India, urban & rural we see most of the stories heard about men the other way around. We have been seeing alot of men being tasked with major responsibilities and supporters.

We hear a lot of stories on how women have fewer opportunities . and never had a freedom to do what mens were doing including the office work or riding or driving and travelling

But today reading an inspirational story about Shalini Agnihotri would empower the women out there.

Shalini Agnihotri born and brought in Thathal village of una district , Himachal Pradesh. Shalini’s a bus conductors daughter despite everything she was a trainee at the 65th batch of the IPS. Her father Ramesh is a bus conductor and her mother Shubhlata is a housewife.

Shalini’s parents worked really hard and came from a very illiterate society due to the financial issues but Shalini says we are really lucky that the three of us ( my siblings) received a full education. She mentioned that never in her family was in the service field.

Despite all the problems that they faced, Shalini & her sisters were rocking stones for her. Her elder sister is a dental surgeon and her younger brother is in the Indian Army as a lieutenant.

Remembering an incident about shalini where she was travelling with her mother in a bus and a man who occupied the cushions of the  seats where they were sitting.

Shalini and her mother defended themselves by asking him to remove his hands where the man did not obey them and asked Shalini’s mother whether she is a DC or something.

This made Shalini clueless about DC but later as she got access to the internet she researched and studied a lot about it. “ She mentioned that she expressed her gratitude for the free internet which made her learn and grasp a lot of things. She cracked her UPSC exam in the first attempt without coaching or taking classes, She worked super hard to reach higher.

Shalini was inaugurated with the Prime Minister Baton &  the Home ministry Revolver. Shalini turned out to be the best trainee of her batch.

She received an award of being the best trainee and the best outdoor female trainee. She also received an award for writing an essay on the topic “ communal harmony & national integration”.

Shalini now is doing the best in her life she is posted as an police officer in kullu and earlier she was posted for Assistant Superintendent of office in kullu district, Himachal Pradesh.



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