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Ameesha Patel’s animal workout flow is our midweek fitness inspo | Health

Ameesha Patel is usually spotted in the gym. The actor never takes a day off from her fitness routine and it shows on her. From yoga to high intensity workouts, Ameesha swears by all of it and more. The actor’s Instagram profile is a plethora of her workout videos and pictures and serve the necessary dose of motivation for her fans as well, to take up their fitness routines seriously.

Ameesha is often spotted in the quaint corners of the gym, engrossed in her exercise routine. From heavy weightlifting to free hand exercises, the actor can do it all. On Tuesday, Ameesha shared a set of glimpses of the kind of hard work she pours out in the gym. The videos aptly document the dedication that the actor has towards her fitness routine.

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In one of the videos, Ameesha can be seen standing in a squat position and working on her arm muscles with the help of a weight in one hand. “Mind to muscle connection for the one arm rows, I love how activated my back feels on these,” she wrote. She also mentioned her fitness trainer Klinton for always pushing her to perfection and guiding her in each and evert step.


In another video, Ameesha can be seen doing deadlifts with a weight and doing slow repetitions of the same. Dressed in a black tank top and a black pair of trousers, Ameesha accessorised her gym look for the day with a grey cap and a pink pair of sneakers. “Slow reps on the deadlifts much like the slow squats from time to time to keep me injury free,” read an excerpt of her post. She also mentioned how much she loves hitting the gym with her fitness trainer.

One arm rows, as performed by Ameesha in one of the videos come with multiple health benefits. They help in strengthening the back, shoulders, upper arms and the core muscles. Deadlift, on the other hand, helps in the development of metabolism and bone mineral density. They also help in reducing back pain and stress.

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