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Ameesha Patel shocking statements on Gadar 2 director Anil Sharma, accuses for not paying bills

News oi-Neeti Sudha | Published: Saturday, July 1, 2023, 10:39 [IST]

Ameesha Patel shocking statements on Gadar 2 director: Ameesha Patel and Sunny Deol’s upcoming film Gadar 2 has once again hit the headlines after the film’s lead actress made some shocking revelations about the production house of the film’s director Anil Sharma. Ameesha made four tweets one after the other, in which she put forward many serious things about the mismanagement done by the production team of the film. The actress wrote in a tweet, “Everyone associated with the film knows that Gadar 2 was being produced by Anil Sharma Productions, but the production house, from the make-up artist to the costume designer and many more employees associated with the film, has given their nod. Salary is not given. Ameesha Patel says the production work of ‘Gadar 2’ was overseen by Anil Sharma, and his production house put a lot of people in trouble during the shooting of the film. Ameesha Patel leaked a big spoiler from Gadar 2, angry fans said – ‘Climax bhi bata do’ money was not given to many crew members which occurred during the final schedule of Gadar 2. The final schedule of Gadar 2 was shot in Chandigarh in May. Anil Sharma’s production company was handling the work. There were issues such as the make-up artists, costume designers and The rest didn’t get their money. Yes, they didn’t. But that’s when Zee Studios intervened, and decided that those who were owed money should be settled.” There were certain queries that many technicians like make up artists,costume designers n others etc did not receive their rightful remuneration and dues from ANIL SHARMA PRODUCTIONS!!Yes they did not !! But @ZeeStudios_ stepped in and made sure all dues were settled as they are… — ameesha patel (@ameesha_patel) June 30, 2023 Even the bill for stay and food was not given. Even the travel and food bill was not paid on the last day to Chandigarh airport. Some cast and crew members were not even given a car. They were left like that. But Zee Studios again intervened and solved all these problems , which happened because of Anil Sharma Productions.” At present, no one’s statement has come from Anil Sharma or the production team on these tweets of Ameesha. But the fans are worried after reading all this. Let me tell you, Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer Gadar 2 is going to release next month i.e. on 11th August. Gadar 2: Amisha Patel leaked a big spoiler from Gadar 2, angry fans said- ‘Climax bhi bata do’ Bollywood Live Updates: Amisha Patel’s shocking statement on Gadar 2, Shahrukh’s jawan broke records Ameesha Patel reached Mahim Dargah before the release of 2, people said – ‘Now Boycott Karo’, in such a case only Bollywood top heroine had to hide her face in front of cameras, surrendered in court when Rakesh Roshan, including many A-list directors and producers Gadar 2 Teaser: Sunny Deol created panic with action avatar, Akshay Kumar Will be able to give tough competition to Ranbir Kapoor! Gadar 2 Teaser: Fans are floored by a banging dialogue and action of Sunny Deol, this beauty gets carried away by seeing the banging married men at the very first glance, created rebellion with such a long list of affairs! Gadar 2- Gadar 2 in controversies before release, people raging on this scene filmed in Gurdwara! Had an affair with a married producer, mother beat him with slippers, such is the relationship with Gadar’s Sakina’s family Get More Movie Reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Ameesha Patel took to social media and called out Gadar 2’s Anil Sharma Productions’ for their mismanagement during the shoot of the film. Story first published: Saturday, July 1, 2023, 10:39 [IST]


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