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Amaxos AX6 Robot vacuum cleaner — German brand Amaxos has announced the launch of its new crowdfunding campaign

STUTTGART, GERMANY, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amaxos AX6 Robot vacuum cleaner – German brand Amaxos has announced the launch of its new crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo designed to give early investors and backers a chance to reap major discounts off the AX6 amaxos robot vacuum cleaner which comes with Strong suction power of 3200pa , With three levels of pledging

Headquartered in Stuttgart Germany , Amaxos GmbH exports and supplies its innovative products across the globe. It’s recognized both domestically and internationally for its product range of high-quality products at competitive prices. A company CEO said we are exciting to be launching our product on indiegogo, and finally being able to demonstrate our work

Amaxos ax6 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner that’s packed with plenty of new intelligent features to make it more user friendly and better at mapping and navigating your home.

We all love pets around the house Well, their presence makes our lives better but they can be messy roommates too, they add to our workload around the house with the amount of hair they leave behind. Yes, we all love our pets, but their hair shedding can be a major pain.

A good robot vacuum will pick up loose crumbs and dust with ease, even the best robot vacuums can struggle and jam when it comes to shedding pets. That’s because pet fur sticks to the fibers of the carpet and clings to the brush bar too but with our AX6 Robotic vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your pet.

Amaxos AX6 has the juice to suck up anything in its path without getting tangled and clogged as a result. Say goodbye to cleaning, We’ve got you covered. Let’s help effectively reduce the effort and time you spend keeping your floors clean. We are creating easier ways to level up your cleaning

Amaxos Ax 6 robot vacuum comes with a Li DAR smart mapping and navigation system deliver precise mapping with 99% accuracy, 360° scanning and smart planning

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart all-in-one cleaning solution for homes. The Robot cleaner features 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping functionalities and 8 cleaning modes. This cleaning Robot is controlled via remote. with Strong suction power of 3200pa, the robot cleaner is also compatible with tuya smart app, amazon alexa and google assistant. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of perks Interested backers who want to know more details about Amaxos ax 6 vacuum cleaner and their products can visit their official indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page to support «Indiegogo» / crowdfunding platform, https://igg.me/at/amaxos

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