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Akshara Srinivasan’s Dream To Be Fulfilled

A young passionate girl from Oman travelled to Chennai to fulfil her dreams.

Akshara Srinivasan is picture clear about her career and moves forward with her decision. She is determined to pursue her career in cricket where she decided to travel from Oman to Chennai for the tournament preparations.

Akshara is truly passionate about her career in sports while she was 14 she tried all types of sports where she stated that cricket is her ideal match.

She has been a part of Oman’s national women’s cricket team and has been awarded as the best bowler as she was playing against the Pakistani team where she did win & it was a hat-trick, it was an interschool domestic tournament.

When she made it to Chennai she got into the Tamil Nadu Cricket association under the age of 16 teams and now she plays under 19.

She was disappointed since Covid 19 as her training stopped & she couldn’t cope with it but with a positive and strong mind she didn’t give up and worked hard on her mental & physical fitness.

She represented in three tournaments Iron Lady, Cricket Maidan & Queens premier league. She did score 700 plus runs and a top score of 204 not out. Her physical education master back in Oman Afzal sheher khan & her parents were the supporters to the position that she is today at a very young age. She even participated & played as an opening batswoman in Puducherry in the year 2019 and she hopes for the best opportunities that are on her way.

She’s studying BA in sociology from Vaishnav college for women and expects a big exposure in cricket further. She says that “men cricketers get the attention of the media every time they play if given a chance to a woman which will boost our society and help us succeed.”



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