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Ahead of Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivii release, 5 controversies we wish to see the film highlight

Kangana Ranaut will soon make her way to the big screen this weekend as Thalaivii releases. The biographical drama based on the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa will see Kangana essaying the lead role. Right from her beginnings in the entertainment industry to her rise in politics, the late politician is an icon like no other in Indian politics.   

Director Vijay’s film, Thalaivii, tracks this steady rise to stardom and will see Kangana Ranaut take center stage. Ahead of the film’s release, we decided to list down five controversies from Jayalalithaa’s colourful experiences that we would love to see the film highlight and tackle.  

Amma’s Ascension in Politics 

Not just in Tamil Nadu, but Jayalalithaa aka Amma rose to prominence across India. Party members worshiped her and almost gave her a god-like status. They also bowed down and touched her feet every time she appeared for an event. It was widely reported that Jayalalithaa even chose her MLAs and minister based on those who had begun to praise her. This gesture by her followers never went unnoticed as the public continued to remain astonished by this move.  

Murder Attempt Case 

During her six-term tenure as chief minister, Jayalalithaa was part of several controversies and cases. One high profile case was when the politician’s auditor alleged that he was assaulted by Jayalalithaa, her close associate Sasikala and Sasikala’s nephew Mahadevan. While she denied the charges, we wonder if this sensational case will make it to the film. 

Love Life 

Jayalalithaa began her journey under the limelight when she was a teenager. She entered the entertainment industry and over the years went on to do several films. However, it was her alleged love affair with her mentor MG Ramachandran aka the famous film star and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR that was always the talk of the town. While Jayalalithaa wished to make her relationship with MGR official, he was much older to her and was already married. Jayalalithaa was also rumoured to be in a relationship with Telugu actor Shobhan Babu.

Marriage Called Off  

Jayalalithaa never got married. Until her final years, the politician was single. However, in the beginning of 1980s, Jayalalithaa was rumoured to get into an arrange marriage scenario. In a documentary based on her, Amitha Chari, one of her relatives says, “We looked at four to five boys. Arun Kumar from Mysore (family friend’s son) stood out and was very good looking too.” While the arrange marriage was heading in the right direction, it was eventually called off the last minute. We wonder if the Thalaivii will touch base on this aspect of her life. 

Disproportionate Assets Case 

Back in 1995, Jayalalithaa as chief minister was accused of using government money for her foster son’s marriage. The luxury wedding was etched in the Guiness World of Book Records with almost 1,50,000 guests attending it. From elephants and grand palaces being erected to almost 1000 VIPs being invited for the fanfare, the wedding became a major point of contention. She was later sentenced to 4 years in jail in 2014 for corruption which was part of the bigger Disproportionate Assets Case. 

What are you most looking forward to in Thalaivii? Let us know in the comments below. 

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