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Actual SEO Media, Inc. with 5 Ways to Apply SEO Strategies for the Holidays

SEO strategies are a long-term process. Whether setting up for the holidays or general SEO, the sooner, the better.

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Optimizing a website for local searches allows a website to appear for local users searching for their services or products.

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As technology moves forward, advertising has become more than simple images and ad signs.

A business can better prepare for the future by setting up SEO strategies for the holidays or any other recurring shopping season.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2022 / — The holiday season can creep around the corner when anyone least expects it. Although a business can already have SEO strategies implemented, the holiday season might as well be another type of marketing season altogether. With years of experience applying its expertise during this busy season, Actual SEO Media, Inc. has a few words of advice for companies getting ready for the holidays or any other recurring event.

Anyone running a business knows that seasonal and recurring events (e.g., Black Friday or Cyber Monday) are marvelous opportunities to boost sales performances and create meaningful interaction with existing or new audiences. Most people spend more during the holidays, especially during the gift-giving season. The right SEO strategy can help any company maximize its benefits during any recurring event. Actual SEO Media, Inc. has five things that a business can pay attention to boost sales opportunities during major holidays and recurring events.

1. Research Keywords Based on Customer Intent

As with any thorough SEO strategy, businesses want to be visible to their clients for topics that are relevant to the services and products they provide. The best way to start is to gather data on topical information that users associate with the business during a recurring event or holiday season. For example, if a business holds an event at specific intervals during the year, every year (it doesn’t even have to be connected to a major holiday), customers may already associate it with specific keywords. Keywords such as “toy drives near me” or “Black Friday specials near me” would fall under this category.

If a business doesn’t know where to start, it’s not a bad idea to explore the keywords that other established businesses use for their events or during the holiday season. The easiest piece of data to collect is in Google search results and its predictive search. Simply type in keywords that are often associated with the recurring event or holiday season, and Google’s predictive search will show the general trend of popular searches.

Take these possible keywords as topics or themes that a company can further expand on. The right keywords can become content-rich landing pages or destinations.

2. Target Other Areas on the SERPs

SERP stands for search engine result pages. Anything that appears on a SERP is relevant to the query that a user typed in. Although most businesses focus on ensuring that their web page shows up in the organic results, there are other ways that a business can appear on the page as well. There are four key areas to pay attention to:

– People Also Ask
– Videos
– Images
– Related Searches

First, the “People Also Ask” section usually appears directly beneath the first few organic results. This is another opportunity for a brand to appear on the page, even if one of the brand’s pages already shows up as an organic result. The results that usually occupy this space are often industry-specific sites, guides, and white papers associated with the topic.

Think about questions relevant to the recurring event. For example, if the business hosts a toy drive or canned food drive during the holidays, a few relevant questions may be “What canned foods are best for food drives?” or “Where are toy drives being hosted?”

Secondly, the Video section appears near the top of the page. Videos are another way to disseminate information about a topic. Some users find certain information easier to digest if it’s in the form of a video rather than words on a page. For the same reason, the Image section is also an important area to target on the SERPs.

Of course, not every brand or business can capitalize on these sections. Videos and images are types of mediums that don’t work for every business or topic. If videos and/or images work for a company, the usual SEO tactics will work.

Finally, the “Related Searches” section appears at the bottom of every search result page. This section shows several other keywords that users may click on to get more information. It’s a good idea for businesses to target these keywords to cover all bases and gain more online visibility for its recurring event or holiday season.

3. Keep an Eye on the Local Landscape

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business’s online activities to make it more relevant in local searches. This includes touching up the brand’s website, social media profiles, and online listings. Local searches are a common point to touch upon in any recurring or holiday campaign. For example, the number of searches using phrases like “shopping near me” has increasingly grown in the past few years.

There are several ways to optimize a website for local intent. Some effective methods include the following:

– Engage in local business events and forums
– Promote content, PR, and other signals through local media sites
– Promote authority at local and wider levels with expert opinions
– Create local landing pages with rich content
– Build any relevant business and industry backlinks
– Manage social medial channels
– Maximize the company’s Google Business Profile and other online listings

4. Another Approach to Seasonal Marketing

Just because the business is aiming for an event around Christmas or the 4th of July doesn’t mean that preparation should start a month before. SEO is a long-term process, and brands and companies should always take the “Always-On” approach for this type of marketing. Not to mention, consumers are starting their holiday shopping earlier than normal in preparation for the gift-giving season. Staying active on the topic can take advantage of this early buying intent and build on the next year’s recurring event.

5. Final Tips on Prepping SEO Strategies for Recurring Events & the Holidays

As an event draws closer, there are certain tendencies that users often fall into. Businesses should make the most out of these customers’ urgency. As the event comes closer, they’ll likely be in more of a rush and strive for efficiency. Try to make the online browsing and checkout process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Whether a business is a local pop-up store or a local shop that’s been in the community for ages, it’s important to immerse the business within the community. Become the most convenient option for local customers. For example, implementing free local delivery or same-day pick-up services.

Make things simple for customers. Big events and the holiday seasons are hectic for everyone involved. Making the business available to customers and ensuring that everything runs smoothly will generate positive feedback and repeat customers, even when the event or holiday isn’t around.

Prepping for a recurring event or an impending holiday season doesn’t have to start the month before. SEO strategies take some time to kick in, so the sooner a business starts planning, the better. Although most of the SEO strategies that a company already has in place can help with the increase of customers searching online during an event or holiday, a more pointed strategy will rope in more benefits and sales.

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