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Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions to Conduct a Seminar for High Networth Individuals

Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, a leading law firm in the domain of immigration, is set to conduct a seminar on the 13th of November at Double Tree Hilton, Business Bay in Dubai. With a special focus on the main Federal Immigration programs offered by the Canadian Government, the seminar will help the attendees understand their best suited immigration options and how an immigration lawyer or a dedicated legal team can propel an immigration case. It will also enable the firm to expand its reach in the UAE market.


Lovedeep Singh Arora, Managing Director and Co-founder, Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions


The seminar will see an active participation from the firm’s diverse clientele from Egypt, Qatar, India, Pakistan, Syria and Iran. The 3 hour long event is set to commence at 15:00 Dubai time. It will be hosted by Alan James Gammon, the COO of Ace Group of companies, and will include a special panel discussion led by the firm’s founding team including Shahrukh Zohaib Abbas, Shireen Kapoor, and Lovedeep Singh Arora. All the speakers will thoroughly explain all the Canadian business immigration programs and criteria. The team will engage in insightful discussions on the below-mentioned themes:


  • What makes business migration a pathway to permanent residency

  • How to sponsor your family for Canadian Immigration if you are above 18 years of age?

  • Why is Canada the best country for immigrants?

  • Role of immigration lawyers in representing businesses and owners in highest integrity

  • Business programs available and their respective process and timelines 


Enthused about the event, Lovedeep Singh Arora, Managing Director and Co-founder, Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, said, “This is just a small step to educate people and engage with them about the best immigration options available. Of late, we have observed that many young entrepreneurs and skilled professionals of high net worth aspire to create an impact by taking their businesses beyond geographies and want a great environment for their families. Hence, it is of utmost importance for them to be aware of all the prerequisites and timelines that have come into place, especially after the pandemic. We just want to be a catalyst in their growth journey by taking it on ourselves to make the process hassle-free and transparent for them.” 


Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions has successfully serviced more than 350+ clients since its launch in 2019. After a proven success record in the UAE, it is set to expand its footprints across the globe starting with offline offices in India, Qatar and Pakistan in 2022. The firm also holds the ability to assist clients to achieve their immigration aspirations with numerous other programs including Europe, the Caribbean, and further afield.


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About Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions

The Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions is the brainchild of Mr. Shahrukh Zohaib Abbas, Mr. Shireen Kapoor, and Mr. Lovedeep Singh Arora. All the founders share a passion for immigration law and understand the growing concern of many immigration companies failing to have the legal knowledge to ensure that clients are represented with the highest level of integrity. This further fueled the trinity to ideate the company and launch it in the industry. ACE Luxury is headed by a three-member team, who are Canadian Immigration lawyers with more than twenty years of combined legal experience. The company understands the growing interest amongst skilled professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals about Canadian, European and Caribbean immigration. These countries offer safety, security, quality healthcare along with a great environment to raise families.


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