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A Youtuber, Blogger, Actor, Pajama Lover & that’s Prajakta Koli for you.

“Sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings”

Youtuber Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane, is the most iconic content creator, influencer trending today.

The popular YouTuber behind the 63.4 lakh subscribers and 4.2 M followers on Instagram is just 27 years old artist who is flying over the rainbows so high.

Prajakta Koli is very famous when it comes to short videos on YouTube which is content to our daily life routine, something about her video will make you scream and say that yay this happened to me yesterday.

She is an inspiration to a lot of youngsters and adults not only in terms of her videos but also her fashion sense and her sense of humor as well.


Prajakta Koli’s videos are a real addiction, when you come across her videos on YouTube and once you view the video you can’t just hold back well you just keep scrolling from one video to the next and that’s the addiction.

Prajakta started her YouTube journey in the year 2015, where she started making her YouTube content. Prajakta is the most simple and genuine human you would ever come across on YouTube. Her simplicity made her a strong woman today which helped her grow her career and her brand as well.

She has a deep connection with her fans where she shares most of the things with them. So, the mostly sane girl planned on to be a Radio Jockey and she was interning out there where things did not go well with her. She was quite positive though and was expecting something else to do.

That’s when her colleague Sudeep Lahiri from One Digital Entertainment came up to her and suggested her that come up on YouTube and be a content creator which made our mostly sane clueless but later as she tried out for a month along with the radio is when she got to know about how interesting and innovative the idea is.

Prajakta has been on the rollercoaster ride ever since, she recently interviewed the most sensational Hollywood pop artist Ed Sheeran where they spoke things about the new song released by the Hollywood artist and her love for Ed Sheeran.

Prajakta’s parents are supportive when it comes to her career. She decided to tell her mom & dad about the radio jockey job, and that’s when they asked her “Are you aware of the things you are doing?”

She performed at the fan fest in the year 2016, She won the Daytime Emmy where she shared a collage of pictures with Michelle Obama, Liz Koshy & Thembe Mahlaba.

She says so many people are trying to make a career on YouTube on to which she mentioned that do not look at the numbers of subscribers and followers, make your content worthy and out of the box, Content is the king and if you figure out things, everything would fall in place on its own.



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