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A Wild Horse and Earth Healing Study Begins in Nevada

Three precious wild horses, who will never face being surrendered for sale to slaughter, ever again.

The first sacred 3 rescued wild horses of up to 33 this study plans to save

Bringing positive science forward to save wild horses and the Earth.

We need to tell Congress to put better policies in place to steward these beautiful animals that are a keystone species and play a vital role in protecting and sustaining grasslands & their ecosystem.”

— Jetara Séhart, President and Founder, Love Wild Horses®️

USA, April 24, 2022 / — Today, Love Wild Horses, Inc., a California-based nonprofit saved three of America’s last remaining icons of the West and set them free to roam on 480 acres of private property in Northern, Nevada. The horses – Wakan, Cosmo, and Fortune (Fortuna) -are Bureau of Management (BLM) captured branded horses that the NGO saved from being exported for slaughter. Love Wild Horses, Inc. is set to save up to 30 more wild horses in the coming months.
Wild mustangs, like Wakan, Cosmo, and Fortune, are stigmatized and referred to as nuisance animals because they graze on the same public land that the BLM and the US Forest Service lease out to cattle and sheep ranchers and for oil, gas, fracking and mining interests. The BLM regularly rounds up herds that they deem overpopulated and place them into unnatural horse holding facilities – where they have little or no freedom to exercise, or graze and are provided minimal or no shelter.  

Love Wild Horses, also saves horses from the BLM holding facilities and works around the United States to find safe harbor for them.  

Wild horses should remain free and able to survive.  Saving these horses on Earth Day is truly an honor, but there are so many more mustangs being held in facilities and at risk of being sold off for slaughter. They endure so much and suffer needlessly.

The free-roaming wild horses are important ecologically and culturally.  We need to educate people on the importance of wild horses and what they can do for the environment.

Wakan, Cosmo, and Fortune will be a part of a groundbreaking study to determine the role that horses have in agro-ecosystems to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and in preventing wildfires.  

“ We need to put the government imprisoned wild horses back on the land, so they can once again heal and protect the land from climate change and wildfires-and we need to do this right away, because the horses can help us prevent wildfires and the damaging affects of climate change.” — Chief Lee Plenty Wolf, Board Member, Love Wild Horses. 

Love Wild Horses, Inc. with hope would like to employ a Native graduate or under graduate student as an intern on this important project.  If you are a student interested in this project or someone interested in supporting this project or saving more horses, please reach out to  

The beautiful buckskin “Wakan”, originally named “Dollar”, is now renamed after the Lakota word for “sacred, holy, or spirit” to honor the relationship between horses, the earth, and Native Americans. 

Love Wild Horses, looks forward to growing this herd in Nevada and keeping these mustangs forever safe and free from slaughter. 

About Love Wild Horses, Inc

Love Wild Horses, is committed to saving the last of America’s icons of the West from slaughter and extinction with humane, innovative, and ecosystem-based practices.  Under the direction of Jetara Séhart, Love Wild Horses, Inc began helping wild horses in August of 2010 after discovering the tragic plight of America’s mustangs under the management of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Wild horses are protected by the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 but are rigidly and inhumanely treated due to competing interests with rancher’s livestock grazing permits.  These horses conflict with cattle and sheep and are egregiously rounded up and sent to horse holding facilities with little or no room to roam free.  Since our inception, we have gathered and educated over 700,000+ supporters, and our success projects include supporting the rescue and rehoming of 98 wild horses and stewarding treatment and care through innovative management solutions on BLM-managed lands.  Love Wild Horses, Inc will continue to inspire Americans to take action to protect the wild heart of the American West for today and generations to come.  To support this work, visit:

Jetara Séhart
Love Wild Horses, Inc.
+1 833-273-9453

Watch this incredible release -wild horses run free!

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