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A Twitter user compares Zuckeberg’s metaverse to a ‘dystopian dictatorship’ and Jack Dorsey responds

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“Narrator … they told him” or a little more literal “Narrator. He was, “ wrote Jack Dorsey , CEO and co-founder of Twitter , on the bird’s social network, citing the message of a user who compared the” metaverse “that Facebook wants to build with a” dystopian corporate dictatorship. “

Andrés Ojeda | Pete Pedroza vía Unsplash

User Udiverse 21 (@udiWertheimer) message reads: “the word ‘metaverse’ was coined by Neal Stephenson in the book ‘snowcrash’ and originally described a virtual world owned by corporations where end users were treated as citizens in a corporate dictatorship dystopian … What if Neal was right? “

Does this mean that Jack disagrees with Mark Zuckerberg’s plan? We really don’t know for sure.

Recently, Facebook presented its idea of creating a metaverse, a set of virtual spaces where people will have the opportunity to “create and explore” with each other even if they are not in the same physical space, using augmented reality.

The technology company will invest $ 50 million to build this technology and wants to collaborate with many experts . Also, according to a report, he has been thinking about changing his name on the occasion of this project.

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