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A New Platform Launching in January Will Connect Shippers Directly with Box Truck Freight Carriers

Expresica promises to ease the logistics backlog and reduce the barrier to
entry of the freight carrier industry

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A freight network platform called Expresica is launching this January that its founder believes will help ease the logistics backlog by digitally connecting shippers directly with box truck freight carriers.

“There is not enough capacity for the transport of goods, which causes constant delays,” explained Anar Seidov, the founder of Expresica. “Our platform will help to simplify the threshold of entry into this industry, allowing anyone to enter the trucking industry.”

Expresica is exclusively for box trucks, which can take up to 10,000 pounds and do not require operators to have a commercial driver’s license.

While the logistics and supply industry is booming, it is faced with major problems connecting motor freight carriers that have the capacity with shippers that need capacity.

The age-old practice where the shipper gives the cargo to third-party freight brokers to find a carrier is expensive and inefficient.

The broker takes as much as 30 of the shipping cost and outsources the cargo to a dispatcher who takes up to 15 percent of the delivery costs. The process is bedeviled with poor communication, unrealistic pickup and delivery requirements, and slow payments, Seidov said.

With this reliance on manual processes that are inefficient and slow down operations, the results are late deliveries, rejected tenders and frustrated customers. In addition, vehicle owner/operators have to be on several different platforms that they have to subscribe to on a monthly basis.

“We have a better and much saner approach,” Seidov said. “Expresica efficiently connects shippers directly with freight carriers without third parties, directly reducing the cost burden.”
Expresica’s machine learning application will select the best cargo for a carrier while continuously monitoring carrier safety and performance.

Because the Expresica app shows a driver a delivery route before accepting an order, he or she can choose which orders to take.

In addition, drivers no longer need to download a lot of applications and register on several web platforms.

Seidov said Expresica is currently negotiating a cooperation agreement with one of the largest logistics companies in the United States.

For more information about Expresica or to subscribe to the platform and get free access for three months, visit expresica.com or email info@expresica.com. Expresica can be followed on Facebook at @expresica.inc.

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