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A Message Of Empowerment

Author of HUMAN Vanessa Ferlaino teams with Athlete Tech Group

Author/Entrepreneur Vanessa Ferlaino Seeks To Elevate Women’s Voices Through Words and Action

In Human, the author shares wisdom and revelations of the human condition, given voice by her poignant descriptions of the things that blind us.”

— Lisa Pinnock, Bestselling author of WOMEN, LET’S RISE

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, February 2, 2022 — Overcoming a lifetime of obstacles to success continues to keep Author/Entrepreneur/Actor/Musician/Artist Vanessa Ferlaino continually striving for more and empowering women and the underrepresented.

In her acclaimed autobiographical book, HUMAN, she recounts her story of growing up the child of immigrant parents in a foreign country and struggling to elevate herself above her life challenges to achieve success. With recent stories of female empowerment and equality highlighted in articles published by the United Nations and The New York Times, Ms. Ferlaino’s work, words, and powerful message are a vital voice in the continuing fight for equality.

She has taken her gifts of success in business and the arts and parlayed them into philanthropy, inspired to help launch the Athlete Women Empowered program.

Working with Athlete Tech Group, the organization takes special attention when developing its education programs to support BIPOC women athletes between the ages of 15-18. Program participants can work in group sessions and 1×1 with more than 30 mentors. This ranges from business professionals, Olympians, and sports executives in top businesses, including Seattle Storm, LuluLemon, New York Knicks, Nike, Deloitte, Adidas, Sacramento Kings, EY, Canadian Tire, and Sick Kids Hospital.

AWE, which will be exclusively run on the Training Ground app for those who enrol, has also been featured in Yahoo. A global expansion is in the works.

“We understand the importance of female-centred programming, and we take much pride in our inclusive approach in building our modules,” Vanessa says. “We do this in our participant recruitment process; when participants enrol through this link, we take good care to ask about their interests, needs, commitment abilities, and experiences.”

She maintains that this is how we give others space for their voices to be heard. If we genuinely want to see a more connected and inclusive society, it starts with every single one of us.

“Together, we can make a difference.”

About Vanessa Ferlaino

Vanessa Ferlaino is the author of “Human”, a personal story about the human condition in an individualistic society. As an avid Medtech and tech investor, innovator, and executive, her artistry kept her grounded whenever the world defined her by gender, ethnicity, cultural roots, or the norms of society’s structured framework. Finding her voice through acting training and craft as a self-taught pianist and vocalist, Vanessa believes in the power of creative expression to strengthen the human connection. She founded Vienna Studios, dedicated to injecting lost elements of humanity onto the screens and pages before us, so stories of different perspectives can rise above the noise.



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