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A journey down the avenues of heritage and craftsmanship

Remember those days of childhood warmed with the comfort of grandmother’s lap, her bedtime stories, and the world of fantasy she created? Well, India is the land of tales and folklores, and each of these tales further gets weaved into unique handicrafts hard to find elsewhere.

India is a vast, veritable treasure trove of indigenous craftworks that celebrates its rich heritage and legacy. In an effort to champion the cause of being vocal for locals, Amazon India launched its recent venture, Karigar Mela, a dedicated storefront with a unique selection of handmade products made by tribal artisans and weavers, in partnership with Tribes India. 

The 10-week ‘Stand for Handmade’ initiative launched by the e-commerce giant in July 2020 aimed at helping over 10 lakh entrepreneurs including artisans and weavers rebound from the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. The first session of the venture had its share of resounding success, receiving encouraging words of responses from both the seller and the buyer community.

Handcrafted, with love 

What’s the common thread connecting Bidri, Dhokra, Ikkat, Patachitra, and Madhubani? For the unversed, these are the various forms of unique handicrafts belonging to different regions and cultures of India that are curated carefully with an eye for excellence. 

 As a matchmaker for artisans and craftsmen, Karigar Mela carves out the lost art and helps in reaching out to millions of customers online. It is like paying tribute to India’s rich tradition of handicrafts and handloom while roping in artists and buyers to a commonplace that is beneficial for both. Besides, these products are sourced from various corners of India and arrive directly from the artisans, thus promising 100 percent genuinity for each product.

Supporting artisans in various ways like launching, scaling, and marketing their businesses on Amazon,the initiative today positively impacts over 12 lakh artisans through its network of Karigar sellers, getting under its aegis of over 28 government emporiums.

Let the celebration begin

As part of the initiative, customers would have the access to shop from a selection of over 1.5 lakh unique traditional tribal and local Indian handicrafts and handloom pieces. Besides, over 12 lakh artisans and weavers associated with sellers would benefit from a 100 percent Sell on Amazon (SoA) fee waiver offered for two weeks starting from August 30 to September 12, 2021.

Amazon Karigar Mela is an initiative to empower Indian artisans to sell their handcrafted products across India, while sellers aim to reach out to their customers nationwide and boost up their business on Amazon. So, grab your chance to enter the world of vibrancy and rich crafts to witness stories and traditions from over 26 states and Union Territories, that go beyond the curation of these artistic marvels.

Bring home a part of the history, and do your bit in supporting the Indian artists and their exotic art.

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