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A European Rally of Dreams Is Sparking Inspiration In Generations To Come – OmegaPro & OneLife Are Shaping Young Minds

Two Generations In One Frame – The Power of A Unique Message.

Two young girls pose with a gorgeous Ferrari taking part in The Rally.

Two young girls pose with a gorgeous Ferrari taking part in The Rally.

Young minds flock to rally cars to snap envious shots.

Young minds flock to rally cars to snap envious shots.

A dreamy rally with the Top 100 supercars of the planet is aspiring generations of young minds across 10 European Countries, currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, July 3, 2022 / —
Igniting young minds with the right amount of inspiration that aspires them to achieve greater goals in life is the motto of many. Global Marketing Leader OmegaPro has always believed in nurturing every segment of its community that spans over 2,000,000 members whereas OneLife Rally prides itself on bringing the youth back to the Balkans by honing their impressionable intelligence.

Joining hands in this unique endeavor, OneLife took off it’s 6th edition of an open style rally across 10 countries of Eastern Europe from Latvia to Montenegro in a rally of 100 state-of-the-art supercars raring to race to the cumulative goal of attainable charity for children in need.

Historically Rich, Culturally Prominent – Ljubljana, Slovenia

From the transcendent stretch of scenic mountains of the High Tatras, the Rally journeys to the historic secret forests in the Green capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. On the city’s coat of arms and flag is a dragon, symbolizing wisdom, power, courage and greatness. It is the country’s cultural, educational, economic, political and administrative centre. The history of Ljubljana stems from the Slavic and Greek mythologies. Continuing on the journey to dig out and shed light on Europe’s hidden gems and untapped potential, the Rally embarked on a fascinating 777-kilometre expedition to Ljubljana, leaving behind the mountainous Tatras of Slovakia.

Upon arrival, OmegaPro chose a beautiful location to exhibit the cars (as seen on the images), a place of origin of countless revolutions that marked the history of the country, including the proclamation of independence from Austrian-Hungarian rule in 1918. Constructed on the ruins of a medieval monastery, the square was used for ceremonial purposes during the famous Congress of Ljubljana. And just adjacent to it is another monument of prime historical significance, the Ljubljana castle.

Is This Rally Capable of Designing Young Minds?

Ljubljana served as the perfect city to put forth our narrative with the rally. The dragon of the Green capital exemplifies the importance of learning and education, being capable and courageous, and striving for greatness. Through this rally, OmegaPro wanted to inspire the younger generation. One of the unperturbed sentiments of this rally has always been the inclusion of these younger generations, starry eyed and ever so eager to learn. Each pitstop across the entire route saw numerous of these little humans pedal right up to these mean machines of dreams, wide eyed with curiosity and retaining the impact of a lifetime that can only strive for them to grow into successful champions of tomorrow. Football superstars, Marco Materazzi, Kevin Kuranyi and Ricardo Osorio’s jolly involvement at every stop only made the sketches of those dreams a little more prominent, ready to pick up some colors of life!

Dedicated To The Upcoming Generations

Both OmegaPro & OneLife, together as international conglomerates and individually as a global marketing leader and one of the world’s most followed automobile events are both propagators of inclusion, unity, harmony in a unique charitable cause dedicated to the youth.

If there was one message, one key takeaway from the massive seven day rally, it was to believe in dreaming big! It is the lesson of not being afraid to dream bigger than anyone else out there – it takes courage but will lead to amazing things. We live in such an incredible time where anything can happen with the sheer power of passion and dedication. This joint endeavor from OmegaPro and OneLife champions the fact that when it’s comes to dreams, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The world awaits the dreamer. Every single person has what it takes to make an impact, make a difference on Earth and change lives for the better! This is the keystone of the OmegaPro Mantra that’s building wealth without borders and transforming lives for the better:

Dare to dream!
Dare to be limitless!
Dare to believe!
Dare to LIVE!

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