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A call for Jagatpura Jaipurians to get their cars cleaned and detailed with Zixdo, Shadmaan Imam

December 01: One of the subsidiaries of Asia’s largest gadget repair company, Zixdo has become the fastest-growing car wash chain providing these services to your doorsteps. The company is currently having over 90 franchises across the nation and is happy to announce the launch of its franchise on November 14 in Jagatpura Jaipur with Mr. Mohit Jain. Zixdo works on the basic idea of providing hassle-free car detailing and cleaning with our mechanics traveling to the doorsteps of the customers to get the work done.

The company Zixdo is led by the professionals of Phixman with significant expertise in their respective fields. Zixdo was founded with the aim of making car cleaning and detailing easier for consumers and the founding idea of the company gained enormous popularity among customers and built trust for itself. The thing that makes our services stand out from other brands is our portable high-tech machines that require no specific space to get the work done. The technicians with these machines make up the pillars of our company.

After the launch of its franchise in Jagatpura Jaipur, our company is now looking forward to serving the customers of the city with our top-notch and quality services. The services of our company can be easily pre-booked by visiting our online platform. Once the service is booked, our technicians will reach out to you and will arrive at your doorsteps at the given time.

Starting with a completely unique model, our company has come a far way. Now that the company is in your city, you can get the most out of our services and get your car cleaned or lite-detailed at your doorsteps in just a few taps on your screen.

Since the launch of the company in the market, we have launched several franchises across the country and are now looking to expand our boundaries. Zixdo is also giving over the franchises with the least investment to its initial partners. We will also get the staff trained to get started. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please reach out to us.


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