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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Roulette

Are you new to the world of online gaming? If so, you might be wondering which game to start with. You could play slots, but there’s so much choice, and the game itself is simple, maybe too simple. Perhaps you feel like you’ll have more fun if you play Teen Patti or another card game, but it’s probably too complicated. After all, you’re only a beginner, right?

So is there a middle ground? A game that offers more challenges than slots but keeps things accessible enough that you can have fun within minutes could do the trick, but which is it? The answer is roulette! This is a game you can learn quickly without much skill and still have fun.

In this guide, you’ll discover why roulette is the perfect game to start your casino journey!

What Is Roulette?

The game of roulette comes from France, hence the name, which means “little wheel”. Some historians believe the first version to have been invented by renowned mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. Even though it’s just a rumour, it coincides with his experiments on the perpetual motion wheel, and the idea could have spawned at this moment.

Fast forward to the 19th century, and the game is popular everywhere across Europe and the US. The game gained traction in the US with the rise of Vegas in the mid-20th century, and it’s now a staple of casino games.

The Base Rules of Roulette

Roulette is a pure game of luck and requires the player to bet on where the ball will stop on the roulette. The roulette is operated by the casino with a dealer or automatically in some instances. After taking players’ wagers, the ball is thrown on a spinning wheel numbered from zero to 36. Each even number is coloured in red, odd numbers are black, and the zero is green. Bets are paid once the ball stops in one of the cells.

As a player, your part is placing your chips on the right bet to win, and there are several types of wagers.

Inside Bets

The inside bets have the best odds and are the hardest to win. You can bet on any number of the wheel. However, with 37 (36+ the zero, or 38 if there’s a double zero) possibilities, the outcome is pretty unlikely. The advantage is that you can place your chips almost anywhere you like. Here are the most common combinations:

  • Single: You bet on a specific number.
  • Split: A bet placed on two adjacent numbers vertically or horizontally.
  • Street: The action of betting on three consecutive numbers horizontally.
  • Corner: Betting on four numbers forming a square on the board.
  • Double Street: Same as the Street bet but with two horizontal lines instead of one.
  • Trio: Betting on three numbers, including a zero or a double zero.
  • First Four: A bet on zero, one, two, and three. This bet is only possible with a single zero.
  • Basket: Betting on the single zero, the double zero and the first three numbers. You can’t place it if there’s no double zero on your board.

Outside Bets

These bets have lower odds because it’s easier to win. Here are the various outside bets available in roulette:

  • Low Bet: Betting the outcome will land on a number between one and 18.
  • High Bet: Betting the outcome will be between 19 and 36.
  • Red: The ball will land on a red cell.
  • Black: The ball will land on a black cell.
  • Even: The result will be an even number.
  • Odd: The result will be an odd number.
  • Dozen Bet: Betting on the ball landing on a 12-number interval. From one to 12, 13 to 24, or 25-36.
  • Column Bet: Betting the outcome will be on one of the columns of the board.
  • Snake Bet: This particular bet isn’t always authorised. It pays like the column bet. When placed, it forms a zig-zag on the board. It goes from one to five, nine, 11, 13, and so on to the bottom of the board.

Overall the rules are very similar across all variations of the game. The only differences you’ll find are on the betting system, with different odds and house edges.

Are There Strategies to Win at Roulette?

Roulette is a pure game of luck, the results are totally random, and it’s like playing the lottery. Some malicious people will try to sell you strategies, claiming you’ll win by following a betting pattern like the infamous reverse Martingale. However, you’ll end up losing more money than you win. These techniques may work when you can predict results, like in finance, but this isn’t the case with roulette.

So if you decide to play roulette, only use the money you can afford to lose, and most importantly, play for fun!


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