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6 audiobooks IN SPANISH that you can listen to in your free time

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Successful entrepreneurs know that getting to the top of the business world requires learning as much as possible to fuel creativity, innovation, or the strategies that make a business transform industries. However, successful entrepreneurs also know that there is NO time to do it. Especially when it is starting.

Fundación Slim

But Latin American businessmen and women have a strange negative resource they can use to their advantage: the time we spend trapped in bloody traffic. According to the recent study by the analysis company INRIX , Mexicans spend about 2018 hours a year stuck in the traffic of the streets of a city like the capital. You can’t stop the car to watch a Ted Talk on YouTube or check out your favorite book, but do you know what you can do? Play an audiobook.

Audiobooks are a wonderful tool that you can take advantage of while traveling on the subway, at the gym, or just when you want to relax. Currently there are several pages that offer audiobooks in Spanish such as Beek, Storytel and Audible from Amazon that you can listen to in free trials.

These are some of my favorites:

Image: Storytel

  • What it’s about: Was Steve Jobs a crazed genius or a brilliant misunderstood? This book tries to unify the two facets of the legend to give a sample of who was the real man behind Apple.
  • Why you should listen to it: It’s a glimpse into the humanity of one of the most influential entrepreneurs in history
  • Where to download: Find it on Storytel

Image: Storytel

  • What it is about: More than a classic biography, it is a portrait of the unusual family history of Carlos Slim (whose roots are in the Mexican Revolution) and how the story of one of the richest men in the world began.
  • Why you should listen to it: Get a taste of the determined nature of Mexico’s richest businessman.
  • Where to download: Find it on Storytel

Image: Beek

  • What it’s about: This audiobook, which you finish in just over five hours, takes the gloom out of personal finances and arcane-seeming terms like “investments,” “stock,” and “equity.”
  • Why you should listen to it: I vowed to close the decade debt free, and this personal finance classic is helping me do it because in just over five hours of audio it helps me understand the seemingly complex terms of the industry.
  • Where to download it: Find it on Beek

4. Image, Attitude and Power , by Lucy Lara

Image: Beek

  • What it is about: The author gives you practical and highly actionable tips to make your personal image show what you already carry inside you. It is much more than a guide on how to dress, but on how to conduct yourself.
  • Why you should listen to it: Are you an entrepreneur or career woman? This audiobook is an absolute must to project the right image in a world where, sadly, women still have to work twice as hard to get half recognized.
  • Where to download it: Find it on Beek

5. What Every Leader Needs to Know, by John C. Maxwell

Image: Audible

  • What it is about: It is not a book, but an introductory collection on topics such as attitude, self-improvement, leadership, relationships, success, team, training and mentoring.
  • Why you should listen to it: Maxwell is one of the must have authors for all those entrepreneurs who seek to improve their soft skills, tools that are increasingly appreciated in the era of artificial intelligence.
  • Where to download: Find it on Audible

6. Leonardo da Vinci , by Walter Isaacson

Image: Audible

  • What it’s about: This book by one of the best biographers of our time (responsible for the popular works on the lives of Steve Jobs and Einstein), paints an excellent picture of what was possibly the most creative and fascinating genius of the history.
  • Why you should listen to it: Is there a more intriguing and wonderful mind than that of a certain Leonardo from an Italian town called Vinci? This excellent work helps us understand who was the painter, inventor and mathematician of the Renaissance.
  • Where to download: Find it on Audible

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