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(*6*) Ansari Dying: 400 bullets were fired from 6 AK-47s, the dead bodies were torn into items, this is how (*6*) took revenge for the attack on him

(*6*) Ansari has died throughout remedy at Banda Medical School, Uttar Pradesh. On July 15, 2001, they entered (*6*) Ansari's space and attacked him fatally. (*6*) was typically alert about the assaults happening in gang warfare. Because of the worry of being tipped off, he typically modified autos halfway.

On July 15, somebody tipped off Makhtar. On that day, the convoy with which he was touring was stopped at the railway gate. He was surrounded and indiscriminate firing began on his car. After this, (*6*) Ansari got here out of the automotive and took out his personal rifle and took cost.

(*6*) Ansari one way or the other escaped this attack, however this attack created panic in the total Purvanchal. The information reached (*6*) Ansar that the attack on him was carried out by gangster Brijesh Singh on the directions of BJP chief Krishna Nand Rai. It is stated that (*6*)'s suitor Munna Bajrangi and his shooter had joined the BJP. Firing 400 rounds from six AK-47s at chief Krishna Nand Rai.


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