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4 in 5 Skillshare users in India Preferred Learning Skill-based Creative Classes: Report

Skillshare, world’s largest online learning platform for creativity and creators, released data on online learning trends in India, which point towards a significant number of people wanting to pursue their creative interests. With multiple lockdowns leaving schools and colleges shut, and employees working from home, many people in India are looking to learn new creative skills and how to monetize them. Four out of five Skillshare users in India preferred learning skill-based creative classes online over non-creative ones. Skillshare has over 13 million registered members across the world on its platform collaborating on creative exploration, personal growth and skill development.


Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, 63% of Indian professionals have increased their time spent in online learning to enhance their skills or learn a new skill with an increasing focus on fine art, illustration, graphic design, animation and film & video. With the design, visual effects and gaming markets growing at 25% YoY, and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, presenting a wide range of opportunities for Indians to learn new skills and monetize their creative inclinations.


Skillshare’s data shows that among the top five categories, classes incorporating a “challenge” tied to goals or timeframes were popular among the Indian audience. ‘100 day projects with watercolors’ by artist Geethu Chandramohan is among the top most-watched classes in India on the platform. UI and UX Design on Adobe Illustrator by Digital Designer Daniel Scott and Mannan Arya’s Game Design are also among the most-watched in India considering the increased appetite for learning Graphic Design and Animation in the country. The Union Ministry of Commerce’s report shows an increase in the number of people choosing graphic design and game design as professions in the country, with many turning to e-learning platforms to upskill.


Skillshare presents an innovative value proposition for the online learning market in India with its sole focus on creativity. Digital learning can democratize access to creative platforms for people across the world which has been essential for entrepreneurs, freelancers and hobbyists alike looking to upskill or learn new skills,” said Matt Cooper, CEO, Skillshare. “Skillshare not only provides a platform for creative learning but allows learners to become a part of a community of creatives, which helps them connect with other creatives who are also looking to follow their passions and monetize their skills.”


Skillshare users in India chose to learn how to monetize their creative interests

Fine Art was the most-watched category in India in 2021. As many as 20% of new subscribers on the platform watched classes in Fine Art. Most of the classes subscribed in this category were in the beginner phase, suggesting that more Indians are getting started on their creative journey. Google trends corroborated this increased interest in the category as searches for “fine art” witnessed a 100% increase in 2021.


Illustration and Adobe-based classes are the second and third most-watched classes, making up 60% of the top 10 classes. These categories have always been popular on Skillshare and the trend continued in 2021. Searches for Illustration and Graphic Design classes witnessed a 100% and 60% increase in India in 2021, respectively. Skillshare’s data shows that Indians are not only looking to learn Illustration and Graphic Design, but also want to make a living out of doing what they love. 55% of those who learn Graphic Design on the platform also pick up Illustration classes, 30% of them consumed Animation classes, and 26% chose to learn Freelance & Entrepreneurship.


One of the most striking trends we see in India is that a significant number of people want to learn how to bake. Stuck indoors for the most part of 2020 and 2021, India witnessed a proliferation of home bakers. Many people across cities derived inspiration from videos and tutorials online and began their journey into baking. Four out of five Indians wanting to monetize their interest in baking took up classes online over the last 18 months. Skillshare’s data reflected this trend as some of the most-watched lessons on the platform were related to baking. From lessons in baking cakes by celebrity baker Umber Ahmad to learning how to bake bread by Shubhranshu Bhandoh, Indian learners showed a keen interest in culinary arts in 2021 and we expect this trend to continue in 2022. In tune with this demand, 60% of the top new classes added on Skillshare are related to baking.


Professional creatives and learners have always turned to Skillshare to hone existing skills or learn new ones and in 2021, we witnessed a shift towards lifestyle, productivity and entrepreneurship,” said Aayur Kaul, Market Head, Skillshare India. “With Skillshare actively foraying into the Indian market in 2022, we expect to have more classes suited to the demographic and also have creative influencers on the platform to impart knowledge in their areas of expertise. India is one of our largest markets and we expect to expand our online learning community in the region.”


Self-care took precedence due to the shifts brought about by COVID-19

Classes in the Health and Wellness category were also among the most-watched in 2021. The segment grew at 54.2% YoY in 2021. Last year, Skillshare saw a shift in consumption trends where self care, happiness and meditation were some of the most popular classes. After the pandemic altered social interaction and daily lives, it also affected the mental health of people across the world, and especially in India. The United Nations’ noted that India was among the top 10 least happy countries in the world after the pandemic. 79% of Indians perceive mental stress in routine day-to-day life is perceived as the most common cause affecting their mental wellbeing. It’s no surprise that Ali Abdaal’s class “How to Be Happier” stands among the most watched classes on Skillshare in India.


The atmosphere of learning has changed dramatically in the last two years in India with online learning taking center stage. Self-care and happiness were at the crux of what Indians looked for in 2021 reflecting on the struggles they faced with mental health and the lack of social interaction. As self-exploration becomes a priority in 2022, we expect more demand for classes in lifestyle skills,” said Aayur Kaul, Market Head, Skillshare India.


About the report

Skillshare Online Learning Trends Report 2022 draws data from all the subscribers on the platform globally, including over 371 million minutes watched of its classes. India is one of the top 3 largest markets for Skillshare outside the US and the report covers usage of users in India vs Global. In 2021, Skillshare had 100K Indian users sign up for the platform, accessing our more than 30K classes, which includes classes taught by 1000 teachers of Indian origin, watching over 32M minutes on our platform.


About Skillshare

Skillshare is the world’s largest online learning community for creativity. With more than 13 million registered members across the world, Skillshare brings together the power of creative exploration, personal growth and skill development. As the largest global community for creativity, Skillshare offers over 30,000 video-based classes in a wide range of creative disciplines from graphic design to photography to painting and illustration to interior design taught by industry experts. Skillshare’s mission is to make creative life possible for everyone around the world.


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