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3D Printing Market Leader taulman3D Releases 2 New Materials

taulman3D Glass Fiber Alloy Nylon

taulman3D has released 2 brand new materials for 3d printing. A custom glass fiber nylon blend and a 100% recycled PETG which sits on fully recycled cardboard.

The development of new materials for additive manufacturing is a core principle of taulman3D and we are happy to be releasing a novel glass fiber nylon which was developed in-house”

— Zach Lichaa

LINTON, IN, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 / — taulman3D, a leading global supplier of materials for 3d printing technology, has released 2 new innovative products: Glass Fiber Alloy Nylon and Enviro PETG, a 100% recycled material.

Over a year of research and development was undertaken to release taulman3D’s Glass Fiber Alloy Nylon for additive manufacturing (AM), which improves upon existing market offerings by utilizing a custom nylon blend for AM with a custom glass fiber mix and fill percentage. The company’s existing customers in aerospace, automotive, energy and defense requested a glass fiber material from taulman3D, which directly led to the research work the company completed to test and certify the material on dozens of 3d printing platforms.

“The development of new materials for additive manufacturing is a core principle of taulman3D and we are happy to be releasing a novel glass fiber nylon which was developed in-house to address the needs of our customers in various industrial sectors,” said Zach Lichaa, President of taulman3D. “Our R&D team spent a lot of time on this material, testing it across various tiers of 3d printing platforms, and we’re pleased to be providing clients with an exceptional glass fiber product which leverages taulman3D’s expertise in 3d printing processes.”

Instead of using a standard base nylon with a standard fill percentage, like most of the glass fiber nylons for 3d printing already available in the marketplace, taulman3D developed a custom fill percentage and combined it with a custom nylon designed for AM. The material relies primarily on American sourced components and not imported ones, allowing the company to provide a steady supply of the material to distributors and end users globally, even in challenging logistical environments.

Like all taulman3D polymers, Glass Fiber Alloy Nylon is available in filament and pellet forms.

The second material released by taulman3D is a 100% recycled PETG filament called Enviro PETG. The new Enviro line from taulman3D will feature strictly 100% recycled feedstock housed on fully recycled cardboard spools, and PETG is the first polymer tested and certified by taulman3D for use in the marketplace.

“Our team has wanted to release a fully recycled 3d printing material for years. The challenge was we were not going to replicate existing products which mix virgin resin with recycled resin, to create a so called ‘recycled’ product,” Lichaa said. “Through our supply chain network, we identified a reliable source of 100% recycled PETG product which we found to perform extremely well across many desktop 3d printing platforms.”

The 100% recycled PETG filament is held on fully recycled cardboard spools, ensuring that all of the components of the product are completely recycled. While competitors in the 3d printing materials space have released recycled filaments in the past, they either use a mix of virgin and recycled resin, use fully virgin resin but on recycled cardboard spools, or they’re fully recycled but don’t perform well during the 3d printing process. taulman3D has developed and tested this material to ensure it meets the expectations of our customers around the world which turn to us for premium 3d printing feedstock.

PETG is the first polymer released under the new taulman3D Enviro line, but other polymers are already in development and are scheduled for release in early 2022. The goal of Enviro is to provide the company’s customers worldwide with a fully recycled product line which reduces plastic from industrial waste streams and reduces energy consumption tied to new resin production, while also producing high quality 3d printed parts.

“Each time we consider developing a new product, we ask ourselves if it will address the needs of our customers. Both of these products met this standard and our internal research and development team has built novel polymer blends here which we tested rigorously on many 3d printing platforms,” Lichaa said. “We will continue assessing the market for gaps we can fill to help our customers digitize their supply chains and believe the forthcoming release of a second Enviro material accomplishes this goal as well.”

Both new materials are being released at FormNext 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany.

taulman3D has multiple research and production facilities across the United States, developing novel materials for AM and producing 3d printed parts for customers in dozens of countries.

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