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22 Luna Clinic Is Set To Disrupt The Indian Cosmetology Sector With The Launch Of Jovena

The popular skin, hair, and teeth clinic partners with Italy’s Brera Medical Technologies to implement Jovena

In 2023, the importance of having healthy and aesthetic skin cannot be denied. With the skincare sector being dominated by millennial and Gen-Z customers, people are more mindful about their skin than they ever have. Considering this need for impeccable skin and chiselled features, 22 Luna Clinic is set to revolutionize the Indian cosmetology sector with the launch of Jovena.

Jovena is a skin regeneration machine designed using state-of-the-art technology that combines two modalities into a single device, giving a unique and holistic approach to cosmetology. Developed by Italy’s Brera Medical Technologies, Jovena will be implemented by 22 Luna Clinic for its procedures.

22 Luna Clinic will launch Jovena on February 22, 2023 at its headquarters, i.e., 5, Rest House Road, Bengaluru (560001). The device will be launched by Leader Medical and Brera Medical Technologies. 22 Luna Clinic has also organized a press conference where global healthcare and technology leaders will interact with the media regarding the implications, relevance, and benefits offered by devices like Jovena. The event will be attended by nationally and internationally reputed professionals, including:

•          Vivek Chakraborty (Managing Director, 22 Luna Clinic)

•          Niharika Mandhyan (Medical Director, 22 Luna Clinic)

•          Mr. Outhay Sananikone (Brera Medical Technologies)

•          Mr. Bharat Sachdev (Leader Medical)

•          Ms. Monika Vyas (Leader Medical)

Jovena’s launch is another feather in the cap of 22 Luna Clinic and its achievements in the realm of skincare and cosmetology in India. Since its inception, the skin, hair, and teeth clinic has been dedicated to providing holistic services to its clients while staying in sync with the latest technologies. It ensures that its clients are offered an elegant and wholesome experience while getting treated for procedures like laser hair removal, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, etc.

By implementing latest technologies and installed state-of-the-art devices like Jovena, 22 Luna Clinic intends to spread awareness about the access and importance of minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures that help Indians get the skin, hair, and teeth they always desired. In the age of digitization where medical science has made it possible to achieve the unthinkable, ventures like 22 Luna Clinic step up and take the initiative to revolutionize the medical and skincare sectors of the country.

22 Luna has revolutionized skin aesthetics in Bangalore. Far from gimmicks, they only adopt result-oriented tech and, unlike corporates, believes in delivering satisfactory results to patients. 22 Luna has been a pioneer in Bangalore and has been the first to introduce treatments like Mirapeel, Oxygen dome facial, Reviv Iv infusions (celebrity favorite!), and many more technologies previously not available to the South Indian Market. Mr. Vivek Charkraborty, the Managing Director of 22 Luna Clinic, believes that the launch of Jovena will mark the achievement of an important feat in the clinic’s journey. He says, “We have all dreamt of achieving picture-perfect features and a flawless skin at some point in our lives. 22 Luna Clinic is an attempt to help our clients fulfil these desires in the best way possible. The launch of Jovena brings us a step closer to our goal of making more people aware of the benefits new-age technology has in store for them. We hope this new chapter in the clinic’s journey helps us add to the regal experience we promise our clients!”


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