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2022 Guadalajara International Book Fair presents Dellia (One) (The Ever-Branching Tree) by David Scidmore

Witness the Whimsical Journey to the Bewildering World of Meerdon at the 2022 Guadalajara International Book Fair

…by the end of the book, I was absolutely ready to take off on an adventure myself. I can’t wait to read more from David Scidmore!”

— Virginia Randall, Amazon Customer Review

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO, November 21, 2022 / — Come along with Jon and his friend, Megan, as they explore and unravel a strange world full of the grisliest creatures and atypical phenomena one could ever imagine. David Scidmore’s Dellia (The Ever-Branching Tree) will be one of Authors Press’ highlights at the Guadalajara International Book Fair this November 26–December 4, 2022.

David Scidmore’s debut novel dwells on the journey of Jon in the world of Meerdon. How will Dellia, a dedicated and compassionate warrior of Meerdon, investigate the existence and arrival of Jon? Will she help Jon find his way out of Meerdon or will she obey the ruling of their council? Witness how their story unfolds, what choices would they choose, and how would he face the challenges in finding a way out of the peculiar world he is in.

David Scidmore has been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy books. His interest in this genre has urged him to write stories under the said genre and his fascination gave rise to his debut novel.

“All Jon ever yearned for was a simple life with few responsibilities and someone to share it with. In the middle of an ordinary day, a shattering accident rips him from his uncomplicated life and plunges him into a baffling world that defies the physical laws he knows so well.”
— Excerpt from Dellia (The Ever-Branching Tree) by David Scidmore

Book copies are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.
Dellia (The Ever-Branching Tree)
Written by David Scidmore
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2022 Guadalajara Int. Book Fair | Featured Book: Dellia by David Scidmore


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