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Hoping For A Future Free From Pandemic With Dr. Reema Kashiva

The practicing MD stresses the importance of spreading awareness and being on the frontline to help the community deal with the COVID situation

Dr. Reema Kashiva, the head of the Medicine Department at Noble Hospital, Hadapsar (Pune), has been actively working on the frontline, giving her best to ensure that the residents within and outside the Magarpatta region of Pune fight the pandemic in a resilient and successful manner. Finding herself working for 14 to 16 hours every day, she has been striving to give the community a future free from the pandemic.

The second COVID wave in India has proven to be way more destructive and panic-inducing than its first counterpart. In such a situation, Dr. Reema stresses the fact that spreading awareness about the pandemic has always been important for Indians to equip themselves and avoid the danger. She has been on her toes since the first wave hit the country, a time when little was known about the virus and its consequences.

She says, “It all started when we faced the COVID situation for the first time in March 2020. Due to a lack of precedence, there was a sense of panic and a massive lack of awareness everywhere around me. Looking at the situation go from bad to worse, we decided to help spread awareness about the seriousness of the matter and instill a sense of caution within people from the get-go.”

Under Dr. Reema’s guidance, Noble Hospital employed multiple volunteers to help people in the region obtain the right assistance related to the virus and its treatment. This was to guide the affected patients all the way, bust the myths surrounding the pandemic, and contain the panic amongst the unaware public. Her department also made arrangements for the residents of Magarpatta and their relatives to obtain adequate beds in the hospital and set up a quarantine center to help them isolate themselves.

In order to help affected individuals and their families being isolated, Dr. Reema arranged for healthy meals on being approached by a tiffin service provider. Her team was both on the field and working on the backend to provide all possible assistance to people struggling with the pandemic.

Once the first wave came to an end and the country-wide vaccination drive began, Dr. Reema did her best to spread awareness about the benefits of vaccination and dissuade people from gathering in crowds during the time period between the two waves. Further, she dedicated her time to organize free virtual sessions on Zoom to educate people about the medicines and preventive measures for keeping themselves safe during challenging times. These sessions proved highly successful with as many as 4,000 people joining in from within and outside the Magarpatta community.

Dr. Reema continues to host these virtual sessions to help individuals fight the second COVID wave with her and her team of healthcare experts. Looking at the steadily decreasing COVID cases in Pune and across the country, it can be inferred that her efforts are finally bearing positive results.

About Dr. Reema Kashiva

Dr. Reema Kashiva is the Head of the Medicine Department and the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Diabetes and Obesity at Noble Hospital, Pune. Harboring the dream of becoming a doctor and helping people in need since childhood, Dr. Reema had ventured from a small town into a big city in the 8th grade. Despite being selected for a specialty course, she chose to go ahead with medicine as it facilitated working with all kinds of patients. Since 2000 when she started her practice, it has been a challenging but satisfying journey providing medical care and spreading smiles amongst her patients.



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