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Techila Global Services Ensures That Their Employees Get All The Benefits Of Working With Salesforce

The company makes sure that its employees are able to utilize the maximum potential of Salesforce

Techila Global Services, a noted Salesforce development company and Salesforce Consulting Partner company helps its employees to make the most of the Salesforce technology be in sync with the global technological advancements and to always stay ahead of the curve.

Chitiz Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Techila Global Services, believes that it is important for an organization to adopt CRM platforms like Salesforce to increase their productivity and get the desired traction. He says, “We live in an age of cut-throat competition. You cannot afford to make the smallest mistakes in dealing with your customers and handling their valuable database. We intend to help as many organizations as possible by providing them with end-to-end Salesforce development and consultation services.”

In order to provide the best services to its clients, Techila Global Services believes that it is important to thoroughly engage the employees with Salesforce. Mr. Agarwal stresses on the fact that he has been striving to keep all his Salesforce employees updated with the CRM giant and help them utilize the platform’s maximum potential.

The company has also been offering Salesforce jobs to deserving and qualified Salesforce aspirants to build a team of professionals who understand Salesforce like the back of their hands. Mr. Agarwal believes that a technology like Salesforce can be best utilized by young and aspiring Salesforce enthusiasts. He says, “Salesforce has only become more relevant with time and is definitely here to stay. Due to its vast functionality and specific tools, it has already turned into a field of study. At Techila Global Services, we make sure that our employees are equipped with the best resources to work with Salesforce and offer the best possible services to our clients.”

Further, Mr. Agarwal discusses some of the major reasons why Techila Global Services is an ideal company for professionals willing to work with Salesforce.

Updated With Time

“All the features, tools, applications, and Salesforce products employed by our company are updated with time. We never take chances when it comes to staying in sync with the latest technological trends,” says Mr. Agarwal.

He says that the company believes in reinventing itself and exposing its employees to the latest and the best technologies prevalent in the market as far as Salesforce is concerned.

Utmost Transparency

Working with a platform like Salesforce required every employee to be on the same page with each other and with the client. Mr. Agarwal aims at maintaining complete transparency when it comes to communicating with the Salesforce professionals and helping them work with the process of Salesforce development or consultancy.

Work-life Balance

One of the most important aspects focused on by Mr. Agarwal is that of ensuring an ideal work-life balance for all his Salesforce professionals. He says, “Salesforce, as a technology, and as a CRM platform to work on, can get really taxing and tedious at times. The last thing I would want is to get my employees overworked, affecting their productivity, motivation, and engagement.”

Techila Global Services makes sure that its employees are able to devote their time to work and leisure equally. Mr. Agarwal makes never encourages his employees to work beyond the dedicated hours and entertain work calls or emails on holidays, unless absolutely necessary.

Now that the majority of employees are working remotely, the company has been making sure that they do not overwork themselves and are able to spend enough time with their families.

Salesforce Training

“As a subject matter, Salesforce is so huge and dynamic that there is no limit to learning and mastering the technology,” says Mr. Agarwal. To help his employees make the most of Salesforce and be well-versed with the nitty-gritty details of their jobs, Mr. Agarwal provides extensive Salesforce training to his professionals on a regular basis.

Whether they are developers, architects, consultants, or administrators, Techila Global Services makes sure that all Salesforce professionals are trained by some of the best experts in the industry, helping them build their skill-sets and add to their productivity.

Focus On Salesforce Certification

Certification holds special importance for a Salesforce professional willing to take their skills a notch higher. It provides them with an official stamp of approval for the skills they have acquired and the areas they have mastered when it comes to working with Salesforce.

In order to encourage more employees to get Salesforce certified, Mr. Agarwal has decided to cover the costs of his employees appearing for their certification examinations. From developer and administrator certifications to consultant and architect certifications, Techila Global Services intends to build a team of Salesforce certified experts who know their jobs well and are able to design personalized solutions based on the clients’ requirements.

Work Flexibility

“Gone are the days of working from 9 to 5 stuck to the same desk!” says Mr. Agarwal. He makes sure that all his Salesforce professionals have sufficient flexibility at work and are able to achieve their targets at their convenience, as far as the given work is completed on time.

The employees at Techila Global Services have often found themselves working in an environment that is constructive, stimulating, flexible, and free from office politics. Right from initial onboarding till the exit interview, the company makes sure that its employees never stop learning and avail of the best experiences a Salesforce professional can have.

About Techila Global Services

Techila Global Services is a Salesforce development company and a Salesforce Consulting Partner company based out of Pune, Maharashtra. It is owned and managed by Chitiz Agarwal. The company has been providing Salesforce implementation and consultancy services to clients across the globe for the last 8+ years. Apart from providing Salesforce services, Mr. Agarwal provides free Salesforce training to interested aspirants through Techila Academy – and educational extension of Techila Global Services. The training platform is home to a variety of online Salesforce courses and webinars hosted by some of the most noted experts in the IT industry.



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