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Sezgin Mangjuka Ceo Of Pixatronix is changing the digital Scene

You know they say revolution in tech is the revolution in World, technology has completely changed the way people live these days. You will see technology has taken the world from physical to digital. This digital world has made it really easier for us to be connected, to share our thoughts, to reach out to new people. Even this digital world has given rise to new entrepreneurs around the world.


Sezgin Mangjuka is a Digital entrepreneur and marketing expert who was born in Kosovo on 1, April 1994. He is the founder and CEO of Pixatronix, a full-service digital media agency that partners with businesses to boost their business outcomes. He admits that he was not very good in his studies in school as he had failed in class 10, after which it was really tough for him to motivate himself. But soon, as time passed he tried again to complete his 12th class through distance learning and failed again. Sezgin says failure is a part of life. You can not ignore it.


However, everything’s changed for him now. He’s one of the youngest Social Media Maestro (Manager) in the country. Sezgin Mangjuka is counted among the youngest self-made first generation businessmen. Due to his visionary thinking and compelling leadership his company has emerged as the most diversified and successful company from Kosovo. He is a very dedicated person when it comes to his work.


He has been travelling for years for his business to manage a different kind of politicians and celebrities. He has been diligently working for his dreams for a song. He believes that this is not enough for him and he is indefatigable. whatever he has achieved at a very young age might be everyone’s fantasy…


These are the human potentials of Kosovo, and nowadays entrepreneurship is running in everyone’s blood especially in Kosovo youths. You may see a lot more young Kosovo entrepreneurs that will be going into this list in the coming years.




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