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Life is too short to be waiting in lines. Says Sleek founder Gaurav Aggarwal

Well, you must have heard the quote that time is precious and time is money. Not a lot of people take this seriously but it is a well-known fact that time is the most precious thing in one’s life. The world we live in right now is filled with so many things to do that 24 hours in a day feels really less sometime’s. It is really important to prioritise the important work throughout the day. Life is too short to be waiting in check-in/checkout lines, says Gaurav Aggarwal who is the founder of An App called The Sleek.

Sleek is an app that may change the way people stand in line. Gaurav Aggarwal who is an ex-Google employee said that Sleek can be the new game-changer, it has happened many time’s a person want to eat from his favourite place but due the wait in long lines and busy schedule he has not been able to eat his favourite dish. This problem has been resolved through Sleek. So, Sleek usually partners with Restaurants and event organiser’s, through Sleek you can actually be in the line through your phone, which will give you an update about the estimated time for your turn. You can actually do any important work or actually go visit the next store to buy some stuff without actually losing your spot in the line. If you are in a hurry, dont worry Sleek give you the option to skip ahead in the line also.

Gaurav who is basically from Delhi has always been an entrepreneur since the beginning he says he is blessed with a problem-solving mind. From his early days, he was into technology for better study and carrier opportunities he did his graduation from Stanford University. After working for companies like Google and Microsoft, Gaurav realised his life long dream to work for himself. He founded sleek with his friend Spandana Nakka.


Sleek proved to be really helpful in this pandemic situation where it was necessary for people to go out to buy daily need products and maintain social distancing. It was not possible for retail outlets to let maintain social distancing among the consumer’s, sleek came really handy at that time. One could simply be in line by not being actually in the line and saving a lot of space. Due to this time and life-saving invention Gaurav got to be in the Forbes 30 under the worldwide list of 2021. All of this happened only because Gaurav was too busy or may be too lazy to stand in the line.





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