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2021 MOKKOJI KOREA to Hold Special India Week with K-pop Stars

  • ​The online Festival “MOKKOJI KOREA”, Festival Week in India is to be held from October 4 (Monday) to October 10 (Sunday)

  • MOKKOJI LIVE”, a communicative space sharing the culture of Korea and India with K-pop concert starring MONSTA X, PENTAGON, and AB6IX, to be held at 14:30 IST on October 10 (Sunday)


2021 MOKKOJI KOREA, a festival created by beloved K-pop artists and Hallyu fans around the world, has begun as of September 6 (Monday) and will be held online until November 14 (Sunday). MOKKOJI is a Korean word that refers to a gathering of people for a party, entertainment, and other occasions. MOKKOJI KOREA started last year as a festival to promote various aspects of Korean culture and lifestyle such as food, beauty, fashion, and entertainment to the world


2021 MOKKOJI KOREA Festival Week India poster


Every year, “MOKKOJI KOREA” selects the Focus Countries. In 2021, Russia, India, and Indonesia were selected as the Focus Countries. Starting from September, the Festival Week for each country has been being held every month. The India Week is to be held in the upcoming October.


Popular K-pop artists such as MONSTA X, PENTAGON, and AB6IX will participate in Festival Week India, held from October 4 (Monday) to October 10 (Sunday). The Festival Week will be filled with special programs such as “MOKKOJI MINI TALK”, “MOKKOJI LIVE”, and “Online Exhibition”, providing an opportunity for Hallyu fans to broaden their understanding of the culture and lifestyle of Korea and India.


During Festival Week India, “MOKKOJI MINI TALK” will be broadcast every day at 14:30 IST. Featuring artists are AB6IX on October 4 (Mon) and 6 (Wed) and PENTAGON on October 8 (Fri). The program will be first released on the MOKKOJI KOREA website and YouTube channel. PENTAGON’s talk show will be live streamed to communicate with the fans through live chat. Also, they will be bringing their fans a special topic, the Hangeul (Korean alphabet), to celebrate the Hangeul Proclamation Day on Friday, 8th of October.


Popular Indian YouTubers such as Curly Tales, Debina Decodes, and Pooh in Korea is to be featured as well, on October 5 (Tue), 7 (Thu), and 8 (Sat), respectively. In addition, an “Online Exhibition” will provide information on exceptional Korean brands and products that have been introduced to the Indian market.


MOKKOJI LIVE” will be streamed live on “MOKKOJI KOREA” YouTube channel at 14:30 IST on October 10 (Sunday), as a grand finale of the “MOKKOJI FESTIVAL” Week India. AB6IX, PENTAGON, and MONSTA X will communicate with the fans in India through live performances and online fan-meeting segments to top off the event. Together with K-pop artists and hosts, Lisa Kelly and Nidhi Agrawal, the event will become an opportunity to widen the experience and understanding of both countries’ cultures. Fans can join the online fan meeting through the pre-application process on the MOKKOJI KOREA website from September 21 (Tuesday) to October 1 (Friday).


The MOKKOJI KOREA official website features web dramas and webtoons that portray various aspects of the Korean lifestyle and culture. “The First Spring with You” is a webtoon depicting the life of a Russian exchange student while studying in Korea for a year, while “MOKKOJI KITCHEN” is a romantic web drama that is set in a Korean restaurant. The online content will be a unique experience for Hallyu fans who are interested in Korean lifestyle and culture. The web drama “MOKKOJI KITCHEN,” which premiered on September 6 (Monday), has been in the spotlight, as it features K-pop artist Gongchan from B1A4 playing the role of “Muyoung”, a chef and sole owner of a Korean restaurant.


Furthermore, the “K-Lifestyle Playground” platform will provide opportunities for Hallyu lovers in India and around the world to experience Korean culture through various participatory content such as “MOKKOJI Contest”, “Online Game”, “K-Lifestyle Wiki”, and “K-Lifestyle Webzine”.


The main programs and schedules for “MOKKOJI KOREA” can be found on the website (, and they are provided in English for Hallyu fans around the world for their convenience and for easy access.


Yuri Choi, Team manager



Junhyung Kim, Project Manager



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