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2021 / 2022 Olive Harvest Season in Turkey and Turkish Olive Oil Market Dynamics

High Quality Turkish Olive Oils that are exporter to worlwide

In this picture,  there is Artem Oliva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Marasca Type Bottle

Artem Oliva produces high quality and certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A farmer of Artem Oliva is holding the first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Artem Oliva

New olive harvest season of 2021 / 2022 has arrived Turkey. Artem Oliva is looking forward to work with the most freshest olive oils with its customers.

Turkey is becoming the market leader in olive oil industry with the support from strong players such as Artem Oliva.”

— Can Candeger

IZMIR, TURKEY, November 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the new harvest season of 2021 / 2022, there is a great joy and excitement in the market. All the players of olive oil market are waiting for the freshest olive oils. This year, there are many positive news for the olive oil producers such as Artem Oliva.

First good news came from the official statistical expectations published by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. According to data that was published, in 2021, Turkey’s olive production will increase by 32 percent compared to the previous year and reach 1.7 million tons, and olive oil production will reach 236 thousand tons with an increase of 35 percent.

In the background of this data there are some facts that support this positive news. According to the study, the number of olive trees will increase by 1.9 percent compared to the previous year to 192 million 283 thousand, and the average olive yield per tree will increase by 30 percent from 8.3 kilograms to 10.56 kilograms. It is estimated that our total olive production will reach 1 million 738 thousand 680 tons with an increase of 32 percent compared to the previous year. It is envisaged that 29 percent of the olives to be produced will be used for table use and 71 percent as oil. The amount of olive oil to be obtained will increase by 35 percent compared to the previous year and will increase from 175 thousand tons to 235 thousand 727 tons.

Artem Oliva Managing Partner Murat Akman has also added that these developments that help the production to be more effective are expected to boost the exportation of the olive oil and table olive products to different countries.

As an olive oil exporter company, Artem Oliva, is expecting the prices of olive oils from Turkey to be more and more competitive compared to other Mediterranean countries. This brings us the solution that Turkish olive oil is expected to strengthen its position in international marketplace.

When it comes to quality of Turkish olive oil, there are some points that needs to be identified. In Turkey, all the olive oil production is made according to IOC terms and regulations. This means that all the olive oils produced in Turkey are fully in line with the highest international standards.

In the new harvest, what is also expected in Turkey is a great increase in olive oil quality. The climate conditions of this year were perfect for a high-quality olive oil production. Therefore, such an amazing quality and quantity increase is expected to empower the industry greatly.

Artem Oliva has been the market leader in Turkish olive oil industry since 1960s and since then, the company has been manufacturing and exporting olive oil products. The range of olive oil products that Artem Oliva can supply includes extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil, organic olive oil, virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, light olive oil and refined olive oil. All of these products are produced with highly cost-effective methods in order to provide the best solution to its customers.

With the increasing quality and quantity of olive oil produced in Turkey, the need for branding activities has also been increased. As a national target of olive oil sector in Turkey, there is a great appreciation for those who manufacture and export under their own brand that is registered in Turkish trademark registry.

As the best olive oil brand in Turkey, Artem Oliva, covers a great portion of its manufacturing and exporting under Artem Oliva that is registered under Turkish trademark registry. With this opportunity, such activities are contributing the industry’s development in Turkey heavily and adding value to customers from other countries who are looking for reliable and high-quality olive oil from Mediterranean region.

Amongst the many Turkish olive oil producers, Artem Oliva also brings a difference to its customers with a wide range of packing options. Being able to offer olive oil to different customers with a custom-made solution in terms of branding is a shining difference of Artem Oliva in olive oil market.

Not only the packing options but also the olive oil types that the companies are offering has great importance. For example, in the beginning of each harvest season, there is a small amount of olive oil that is extracted as “early harvest”. This olive oil has great attributes in terms of its phenolic content, flavor, and aroma. Such high level of organoleptic features and chemical structure comes with relatively high prices.

The main reason is that early harvest olive oil is produced with small amount each year and the supply is very limited. In addition, the yield of this olive oil is comparably low. In the beginning of maturation of olive fruit, the fat content is very low. In 2021 / 2022 season, as of November, Artem Oliva has managed to extract great amount of early harvest extra virgin olive oil that is the utmost quality olive oil.

On the other hand, there are other olive oil types that are less depending on the yield of each year such as Olive Pomace Oil. This type of olive oil contains a great portion of refined pomace oil that is very stable in terms of chemical structure and free from color, smell, and taste. This oil is perfectly blended with high quality and strong extra virgin olive oil in order to produce the olive pomace oil. As an olive oil producer, Artem Oliva, is always paying great attention on the quality and sensory attributes of its Olive Pomace Oils as people from different areas of the world may have different preferences in olive pomace oil.

Mustafa Can Candeger
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