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Road for the Legacy Makers: How a 20-year-old is transforming an iconic concept of what once used to be a music album project into an emergent business company?

If you believe in something, even if nobody does, and want to turn it into a reality, you are not just creating an establishment, but a living source of hope for renewal and prosperity.”


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 19, 2022 / — SELECTED EXCERPTS FROM THE ORIGINAL RELEASE REPORT from April 11, 2022 (Yahoo Finance) — It has been two years since the United States went along with the rest of the world into the COVID-19 recession phase, and the general reaction of a typical individual toward making income online per hour and per day has not changed much, as he or she still questions on the worthiness of it.

Typical families are half fearful, half doubtful, and half anxious with the idea that compounding money on their digital devices could be more efficient than traditionally expected at opportunities, such as working multiple regular jobs and making two-digits per hour at their workplace(s) a day. However, in recent months of the global economy, more people are actually gearing toward new opportunities to make income online and not necessarily rely on traditional routes to succeed in their own remote business ventures. More young people are getting devoted and working to learn more about De-Fi (decentralized finance) opportunities, as well as teaching others to do the same. In response to the evolution of the global economy in the digital sector(s), Mo Khan, a 20-year old business leader, has recently launched his official business venture known as The Legacy Makers Activate Missions LLC, within his official first week of moving to southern Nevada for the first time.

Past Lessons and Key Takeaways from This Business Launch:

One and a half year ago, on August 2020, Mo Khan released his first-ever home studio music album project titled in the similar name as this company as a way to escape the boredom from lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic and help his friends get through the rough times of school, work, and business at the time on multiple music platforms. The crazy part that Mo Khan highlights is that how he just transformed that once-music project into an existent business company that any business or community leader can be represent and/or be part of within just a year as a living testament to build the legacy of the collective that can win as many hearts as possible. He continues, “If you believe in something, even if nobody does, and want to turn it into a reality, you are not just creating an establishment, but a living source of hope for renewal and prosperity.” From a music album project to an established business company: it surely is a remarkable turn-around, indeed.

Current business projects for the company’s first fiscal year include earning an additional $1 million through proprietary trading firms with American-based as well as international professional trading partners for long-term profit scaling. Mo Khan is currently working with his new fellow business partners, Emmanuel Jigba Jr. (28) and Hinga Jigba (22), to achieve that ambitious goal, within the next five to eight months. Moreover, the company aims to assist at least 1,000 individuals and families with financial services ranging from tax preparation to helping fellow business owners start up their own businesses into official status and many others through partnerships with Parrott & Associates LLC. On top of it, Mo Khan aims to expand regular exemplary leadership with executing digital commerce the right way: by implementing crypto purchasing and investing into the business model and helping others do the same both as clients and merchants on a frequent basis.

The company aims at bringing 5,000 NFT (non-fungible token) collections into the marketplace for the long-term project launch into the sphere through collaborations and sharing means with other crucial partners to fulfill great long-term investment promises for buyers and sellers, thus making the digital asset space an interesting sector for everyone to be part of this year. Space commerce is the last thing on the list for the company to tackle on and build for this fiscal year, as partnerships and plans on proceeding to the plan are still in debate, yet it remains to be a critical part of the company’s operations for the next 40 years, by the year 2061.

Four main things that Mo Khan emphasizes that are essential, when someone is looking into improving their finances and getting into business, is income diversification, proper psychology, exemplary planning, and executing goals. When it comes to diversifying streams of income, Mo recommends that if they are working to enter into investing and trading, then they need to acknowledge that losses are a must to be part of this game and having income flowing from other streams, during stints of losses, eliminates a bit of stress from their minds. Having multiple streams of income definitely helps tremendously because it keeps many folks productive and ready to win and come back at another day, so Mo Khan strongly recommends everyone to do these things at its fullest.

When it comes to tackling business, Mo teaches his fellow traders not to do revenge trading after trading losses and set up trading plans for success by knowing how much to make from executed trades and when to stop trading each day. Mo owes his success and planning greatly to proper psychology and mindset training as it allows him to recognize the difference between those that are ready to deliver and get the results they desire and those that are not. As a result, he will only work with those that are serious and ready to work for their own results in the long run, not just celebrate his or the company’s successes on the sidelines as spectators.

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